Tips for Choosing a Boarding House for Senior Citizens

Tips for Choosing a Boarding House for Senior Citizens

Pay close attention to the suitability and convenience of a boarding house. It must be designed for people with disabilities. Inconvenient steep stairs. Imagine how difficult it is for older people to climb similar structures. Toilet facilities should not be far from residential areas. Moreover, each bathroom should be equipped with a shower or a tray. Plus, there must be a special handrail to hold onto them.

Beds should be sufficiently high. An elderly person will not be able to sit on ordinary low beds without assistance. Also, they are quite problematic to get up. The boarding house should be located in a fairly clean area, without sources of environmental pollution. The territory should be strictly fenced and have a park area for a walk. In winter, it is important to make sure that all lanes are cleaned and sprinkled with an anti-icer.

Pay attention to the staff of the boarding house for the elderly. Basic parameters: the staff should have enough members (1 employee for 3-4 wards), the staff should have medical education or medical care skills. Experience with older people is extremely important. To make sure that you have made the right choice, you can talk with the staff, inquire about the staff qualifications, etc. Depending on the disease of an elderly person, it is necessary to choose a specialized institution. Perhaps, in addition to standard services, you will need special ones.

Standard services include:

hygienic care;

recreational activities;

regular check-ups by a doctor;

as well as mass cultural programs – games, evening cinema, etc.

Look whether the boarding house meets suitable fire standards. All premises should be equipped with all necessary fire safety equipment:

fire extinguishers;

emergency exits;

signs indicating the escape route;

ceiling alarm;

firewater with cranes.

Pay attention to the presence of specific odors.

Check availability of laundry. In such institutions, washing and ironing occupy a fairly large amount of work. Make sure there is a separate room with professional equipment (washing machines, drying cabinets, ironing machines). Check for specialized equipment for people with disabilities. This may include special elevators, lifting mechanisms, etc. Medicare Supplement Plans for senior citizens: Commonly known as supplements, they cover co-pay, deductible as well as co-insurance.