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Intel Haswell Benchmarks vs. Ivy Bridge Processor

First clock to clock Intel Haswell Benchmarks

The Russian site, OCLab.ru got a chance to access the first prototype of new processing platform, Intel Haswell and compared it with existing Ivy Bridge at the same clock speed. The main reason for not performing Haswell Benchmark before is scarcity of engineering samples and availability of only few LGA 1150 8-series motherboards.…

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Intel Haswell Benchmarks and Denlow GPU Revealed

Latest rumours on Intel Haswell architecture

Latest rumours suggest that Intel will launch its next generation Haswell processor during the month of June, 2013.

It is well known that Ivy Bridge was a slight refinement of previous Sandy Bridge and has improvements in terms of power consumption, manufacturing process and performance per cycle.…

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Quad Core Intel Ivy Bridge Processor’s Benchmarks

First benchmark results of an engineering sample (ES) of Intel Ivy Bridge processor had appeared in July. But this time, benchmarks of quad core Intel Ivy Bridge processors have got revealed.

Specifications of Quad core Ivy Bridge processors

As in the summer again, Coolaler forum has given us this information. …

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AMD Bulldozer FX-81X0 Official Benchmarks vs Intel Core i7-980X, i5-2500

Finally AMD Bulldozer Official Benchmarks Released

We all have been waiting so long to know the real performance of AMD Bulldozer FX 8-Core processors, not so long from its Bulldozer overclock demonstration and now AMD has released the official benchmarks of its Bulldozer processor.…

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Intel Cedar Trail – First benchmarks of Intel Atom CPUs

Cedar Trail M Graphics Performance Indications

As some software problem occurred in the graphic units, the delay is occurred in the release of Intel’s new generation of Atom CPUs. Now there are early indications of the performance of the mobile versions “Cedar Trail M”, including the N2600 and N2800 models.…

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