MSI Launches Radeon HD 7730 1GB Video Card

MSI launched AMD Radeon HD 7730 silently

A few days ago we learned that AMD was planning to launch a new GPU called Radeon HD 7730. As it name suggest, MSI Radeon HD 7730 1 GB is based on AMD Radeon HD 7730 GPU with Cape Verde LE / CE architecture and has following configuration:

  • 480 shader processors running at 800MHz
  • 28 texture units (TMUs)
  • 16 rendering units (ROPs)
  • 1GB of GDDR5 memory with 128-bit bus running at 1125MHz (4500MHz effective)
  • 50W TDP

Highlights of AMD Radeon HD 7730

  • Propeller Blade Technology includes special blade design that can generate 20% more airflow than traditional design.

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Intel Core fourth generation “Haswell-MB” Notebooks will arrive later this month

Intel Haswell Notebooks for June 2013

Intel is expected to launch its fourth generation Intel core Haswell microprocessor for desktop with LGA 1150 socket. To be specific it is believed to arrive on y June 4 of this year. It is now mentioned that some notebook manufacturers are preparing notebooks with Haswell-MB microprocessor on June 4 2013.…

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Intel Haswell IGP Graphics GT3E/GT3U/GT2/GT1.5

Intel fourth generation Haswell microprocessor is expected to arrive officially on June 4 2013. It is promised to provide higher yield per cycle and higher graphics performance than current third-generation Ivy Bridge CPU core.

Haswell uses new IGP with different variants and will provide best graphics performance as promised by Intel.…

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