More Intel Haswell CPUs will launch during 2014

Intel to launch next generation CPU in 2014

The new microprocessor based on Haswell microarchitecture that was launched recently represents the expected Tock style. Intel is supposed to launch its next generation Broadwell architecture with Tick style. However, some source claim that instead of Broadwell, the 2014 will see just a Haswell refresh first, likely a new CPU stepping combined with a new chipset.…

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Intel has launched its fourth generation “Haswell” processors

Intel has introduced Haswell core microprocessors

Intel has finally introduced its new Intel Core fourth generation microprocessor codenamed Haswell. The information of all model processors released today by Intel is as follows:

In short, the new Intel Core fourth generation “Haswell” CPU and GPU architectures offers

  • More refined performance per cycle
  • Higher overclock features
  • Smarter Hyper Threading technology
  • New modern instruction sets and

Graphical architecture which is compatible and optimized for GPU accelerated computing (OpenCL API).…

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