Liver plays a vital role in the working of a human body. It produces proteins, blood and helps the other organs to work properly. There is a huge list of the functions that are done by liver but the most important one is the production of fresh blood in the body and filtering the existing one. There are many illnesses and disorders that are related to other organs but affect liver. Most of these diseases are very contagious and they can spread to other healthy people even with the touch of the affected person. Most of the time, when a liver disorder is diagnosed on time, it can be treated well but at later stages, there is nothing to do except liver transplant in which a healthy liver of another dead person is transplanted into the affected person.

Ordinary functions that a liver performs:

  • Producing number of enzymes that are essential for food digestion in the stomach.
  • When there is extra energy in the body, storing it in liver glycogen cells and later when body needs this energy, converting it into sugar or glucose.
  • It produces blood in the body and keeps the thickness or thinness at a particular level.
  • The production of red cells that are essential for blood functions is done by liver.
  • It produces number of enzymes that help the immune system and fight against diseases.
  • Conversion of the extra food in the stomach into urea and sending it to kidneys.
  • When we take any medication, it’s extracted into the blood via liver.

Here is a list of common disorders that happen to liver:

  1. Hepatitis:
    This is the most common and widely spread liver diseases and it’s also contagious. In hepatitis, the liver of a person refuses to produce new blood and it also doesn’t filter the existing one in the body. There are many types of hepatitis such as hepatitis A, B and C and all these types are categorized by their symptoms and fatality rate. 
  2. Tumors:
    Tumor is also called the collection of extra cells in an organ and when this happen to liver, it’s a liver tumor. In this disease, the liver’s functions are affected by the disease cells presented in any part of it and these cells prevent the liver from working properly.
  3. Liver abscess:
    It’s also referred of having a cavity or more in the liver. This also affects the liver functions and it stops producing fresh blood in the body. There are many causes of liver abscess but mostly it’s caused by bacteria, side effects of a medication and disorder in other body organs including heart, stomach and lungs.
  4. Cirrhosis:
    This is a disability in which the liver cells are replaced by scar tissues in which the liver stops working properly. This is a very serious disease and it kills hundreds of patients every year around the world. It is mostly caused by alcohol and drug usage but there are many other causes such as hepatitis of any kind and due to other diseases of liver.