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Mobile Buying Guide (Non-Smartphones) – Jan 2013


Nowadays most of the basic mobile users have moved to some advanced mobiles, which can take photos, play videos, songs etc. At the same time, they wish the interface to be simpler and user friendly. Earlier Nokia was said to be the only company with user friendly interface and it still holds its place among budget mobile users in India.

In the meantime Samsung and Sony have moved their target away from basic mobiles. They are into manufacturing smartphones with Android and Windows OS.

So if you want to buy a latest Non-Smartphone (Basic mobile) then you have only a few options. Why? Because the Non smartphones of other brands such as Sony Ericsson, which were released earlier are not manufactured presently. So considering all these facts, I’m presenting an easy, as well as a comprehensive Buying Guide for Non-Smartphones.

About Mobile Buying Guide (Non-Smartphones)

This guide has almost all of the latest non-smartphone models with its feature list as well as lowest price available on market currently. You don’t need to see anywhere else other than this buying guide. If you feel any difficulty with this guide, you can comment below.

All the prices indicated are lowest online buying prices. If you are able to buy for that amount or lower, you may buy the mobile anywhere. In case, if you are not able to get the mobile for the price mentioned in the guide, contact me, I will help you.

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This guide will be updated constantly. I will change the version number (eg: v1.2), on every update.

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