Contest 4


Write your own experience about the purchase of your computer? Narrate as a story (see to that your comment has answers for all the questions mentioned below) and do comment below.

  1. What induced you to buy a computer?
  2. How much budget you wished to allocate before buying it?
  3. How you managed to allocate such budget?
  4. If you have not spent your own money, then how you have convinced your Dad, to buy it?
  5. Who is/are the key person, who have given you advice or suggestions to buy computer? Share something about him
  6. After consulting some experts, you could have stick to a particular company like HP, Toshiba, or individual component companies like Intel, AMD, Asus etc. If so, what are they, why you decided so, or what made you to stick to that company.
  7. What are the famous shops you preferred?
  8. If you were afraid to buy online at that time, what were the reasons?
  9. What are the difficulties you faced in the shop?
  10. If the shopkeeper had used any tricks to cheat you, What are they?
  11. Can you please share the configuration of your computer?
  12. Can you share the actual total cost for your computer?
  13. After buying the PC, you could have felt that the shop owner had cheated you in some way or other. If there are any, you can share it
  14. If you feel to upgrade your PC now, what will be the component, that you’re upgrading and why?
  15. What are the websites you do visitto find information about computer components?


1. Sinthuja

2. Balaji

12 thoughts on “Contest 4

  1. 1. as a child i like to play more games, as a youth i like to chat with my friends and to see movies, as a professional
    i like to do official work in my home as per my job presently i deal more with MSOFFICE and in future use some software
    to get new concept in education and research which makes my identity as a supreme.

    2. 35,000 to 40,000 Rupees

    3. Simple… save some portion of money from the monthly salary

    4. if i had a situation to buy PC by my Dad money means i can explain him by my studies and also some useful tips which
    can be useful for him through internet and the usage for family members also like online purchase, online ticket booking,
    hospital search for specific disease

    5. my friend Anand, my wife, arun
    anand – gave some suggestion in budget point of view

    my wife – gave suggestion to have a multimedia device which can time pass in a couple
    arun – not much relationship had with him at that time but he gave some suggestion based on application point of view
    which made some admiration

    6. i had stick with HP, Component like Intel this made to choose because of advertisement and mostly available at that time

    7. in our place ZIGMA, in coimbatore INIT systems, Bravo

    8. Initially i am afraid of online shopping because of fraudulant and lack of promise on service later i came to know
    some standared form of purchasing like paisa pay and COD from flip kart and may be accepted service promises – ” i have not
    tried services my friends said that online goods are accepted for free servicing” hence i had faith in purchasing

    9. mainly customer care after purchasing the goods during the service time. many of the markter shows interest only upto the
    buying only after that the interest will not be replicate in the service continuation

    10. He made tricks to by combo pack of PC with computer table free pendrive like that

    11. i have bought PC in 2007
    My PC configuration is:-

    a. 1 GB DDR2 RAM
    b. 500 GB HDD
    c. Intel – Core 2 Duo Processor
    d. LG dvd Re-writer model – GSA-H55N
    e. Mother board – classic series – DG33FB
    f. Floppy drive – Sony [my friend not explained me clearly at that time why floppy is not useful at that time but
    later got with my self experience]
    g. Monitor – 17 inch LG square type monitor – this also wrongly suggested by my friend
    h. cabinet – ATX

    12. total – 38,000 Rupees
    13. he didnt cheat me my friend suggested me the each and every component but my friend had less exposure in finding the
    best product in finding economical pack
    14. my PC already worn out due to rough usage now i want to change motherboard for my application of usage RAM also should
    increased and graphics card also to be newly included to play HD games and to see HD and 3d films. my personal interest
    i like to 24 inch monitor
    15. for reviewing –, and many more
    for buying,

  2. Good Day All,
    I bought my first computer when I was doing my final year graduation, you would guess that I had bought it for my project work or for my higher studies…! But it was not the case; that was purely for gaming purpose…..! I fear my parents don’t read this article!! LOL!!
    One of my friends had a PC, who used to play kind of racing games and some other high definition games to which I admired the most…!(Need for speed, Splinter Cell and etc…)
    This is the way I got induced to own a PC for me!
    At that time, even I was a layman to the computer field…! That was too early for me to configure a PC to my allocated budget…! But some of my friends, who already owned a PC, helped me to some extent…! But I was the one who did some ground work to give my best shot….!
    I gave a visit to a nearby computer store to get some inputs regd., the configuration! Initially I was greeted and serviced by the marketing executive of the same store, who was very particular about some familiar brands…! To be more specific he insisted me to go for Intel Processors and Motherboards. He also had a very narrow view even for other accessories of the computer, by sticking towards specific brands..! This really didn’t sound good for me.
    All of a sudden I planned to draft a configuration of my own, by getting some information through net. Then I selected my processor and motherboard after getting some valuable information…
    Then again I visited the store and gave my selection and asked for a quotation for the configuration which I drafted. But from here the Marketing executive behaved very differently. He was not very comfortable to guide me henceforth; I think he was in a plan to force me with some default products to which his shop is assigned to sell. Also some sellers force us to signup for an on-site warranty, where they would visit and do service if required. (But I suppose it is really a waste of money)
    My dad preferred branded PC’s with fully loaded and preconfigured, so I also made a visit to the branded stores. After checking for the price and configuration, I was a bit shocked. The prices were too high for the same configuration, which I drafted for an assembled PC. Then I understood that the Branded showrooms were just trying to capitalize using their brand name…
    But finally I got settled down with an assembled PC. Even though I was a layman and new to the area by that time, I had some basic inputs and knowledge and stick to some valuable points such as,
    • Processor Speed
    • Decent Motherboard with More RAM slots
    • Enough Hard disk apace
    • Wide Monitor
    • Reasonable SMPS and UPS
    Friends I advise please don’t believe to the words of Marketing Executives for your PC configuration. Marketing Executives are just sales persons with minimal Technical knowledge who work for their targets and Incentives. They just promote some products for their own benefit and Dealership benefit.
    For reliable Technical Inputs and Latest product updates please consider Technical experts like LenzFire to choose your best products.. They have a very Good Technical team for Expert advise…
    Hi Arun,
    I have a suggestion for you and your website for the sake of Good will and Rapport for me with your Technical team…
    The Current Scenario is…..
    If a Layman or a Professional decides to buy a PC or Laptop, he’ll fall either under the hands of Unskilled Marketing executives or he would go for a poor configuration that would never suit the usage of the person…
    So my suggestion here is,
    For Instance if Mr.A is a buyer who has allocated a sum of Rs.30,000 for buying a PC or Laptop, he can directly mail to the Tech.Experts of Lenzfire by mentioning the Need for usage and Budget.. and from here the Techies of Lenzfire can provide the buyer with suggestions for Model of PC with configuration…..
    To be more simple, Your Job would be like to Configure the Best Pc for a Pre-allocated Budget…!
    The Outcome of this would be a Happy and Satisfied Customer…
    Thanks for all your support and guidance…!
    Have a Nice Day….!

    • Definitely Balaji, Thank you for your helpful idea. I will publish a new contact form for users to contact me easily, if they need any help in buying PCs

  3. Am doing my PG now…. During my UG’s first year, really I don’t have any knowledge regarding computer. I just know which part is monitor, which part is keyboard, and which part is CPU. In 1st sem one of my subjects is C. As am new to work with computer, I used to type coding very slowly, don had basic knowledge of C, and even I don’t know to run the programs. Being like this, how cum it is possible for me to write coding on my own. I felt very bad. But I had confident that I can succeed. I felt that weekly six hour (lab) class is not sufficient to learn more. I never wish to remain silent, if I don’t know something. So, at that time I felt that if I had my own computer then it will be very easy for learning. That moment was the first time that I realized the need of the computer. This lack of knowledge regarding computer induced me to buy a new computer. So, the next step is I have to ask for this to my dad. At that time I was staying in hostel, and so I asked my senior roommates regarding how much a laptop or a computer costs and whether in hostel such devices are allowed to use or not? Instead of answering me they questioned me that why I need a lap or pc, being in first year and they started teasing… After teasing, they answered me that it costs from Rs. 30,000 and it varies as per the model, company, processor, memory options and they continued with some technical terms. But I don’t understand anything except that it costs from Rs. 30,000. Basically my dad has knowledge in almost all the fields. Then for weekend I went to my home. I asked my dad that I want computer and before allowing him to question me, I said that it costs around Rs. 30,000. My dad laughed and asked me “why you need computer dear?” I explained him everything and I told him that I want to take the computer to hostel. My dad is the one who loves me a lot (because am the only child) and he never lets me to feel bad for anything. At the same time, I am so good that I never ask my parents that I want ‘this and that’, and put them in trouble. Then I am back to hostel. During phone conversation with parents, I dint remain them regarding computer. Then I went home after two weeks. The next day morning my dad gave me a Toshiba laptop. I am excited, that was the first time am using laptop. My dad taught me to work with a lap, regarding other things like setting passwords and he asked me to keep it safely. He also told me that I should check for virus, whenever I insert a pendrive. I asked my dad that how much this lap costs? And dad said around Rs.30,000. I dint ask him about the processor, memory options and other things, as I don’t have knowledge about those things. Then I learnt C with my laptop, since I am new to use laptop, I spent maximum timings with that. First sem was over, I became very close with my roommates and we started to see movies in lap. I learnt to work faster with a laptop. But most of the times I missed to check pendrive for virus. I used to close my lap before it completely shuts down and my laptop will be plugged in for charging continuously. Exactly after a year my Toshiba lap dint work properly. Battery works just ten minutes in unplugged condition. As the lap was bought with warranty for two years, my dad went to the shop and I also joined him, to ask regarding the problem. The person said that the hard disk was affected, battery also affected because of continuous charging and he added that instead of making it to function properly, it is better to buy a new laptop. He also stated that the system should be checked for virus frequently through scanning. I felt shame on myself for being so careless and I couldn’t face my dad. Instead of getting angry my dad said “No problem dear, leave it. Only by committing mistakes you can learn a lot”. But I felt bad. I told dad not to buy any new laptop, and I added the reason as that am in second year now, and in my University, the permission is granted for all the students from 2nd to final year to work in NLAB (net lab). My dad agreed. Then during fifth sem whenever I had leisure time, I used to go to net lab and I started learning myself on how much to spend for a computer, what type of processor I have to choose, and etc.
    I started to work for choosing my next lap. Surfing through various websites, I realized that, it is enough for me to spend Rs. 40,000 as per my need for my new lap, including various features like intel dual core processor, 500 GB memory options. I also learnt how to protect my laptop, such that it will give longer life and how to have great rate of performance. Now, I have to ask dad again for a laptop, and this time I should prove him that I will not commit any mistake. So, it’s my turn to prove that am not careless. As dad dint question me when I am wrong, I have to be so perfect this time. I want my dad to be impressed on my words and confident. One man helped me in guiding all these things, and he is none other than my fiancé. He is some four years older than me, and I was engaged to him. We talked about buying a laptop, when we thought to have a video conference. It’s not possible for me to go out of the hostel, to browsing centre and to chat with him through video conference. Because of this reason we had a talk about computer. During my third year of studies, he was working in MindTree Company. He is so brilliant truly, whatever logic is given he is capable of developing code for that very fastly. Daily by night through phone he used to teach me one logic and its coding, and he says that, he is doing this because by next year I will be facing placement. Really that teaching would have been useful for someone who is interested in programming and definitely not for me. Though I understood or not, I used to say “ya, I got it”. He advised me to opt for a dell inspiron laptop saying that the dell lap had features that satisfies the student needs and added that this is more than enough for college students. After knowing the configurations and features, I planned to go by dell inspiron. Moreover at that period dell was so popular compared to other company. As I decided the company and configuration, I went to dell laptop showroom in Coimbatore. I dint confuse with famous shops, as I decided the specifications. But I just checked for discount with other shops through phone enquiry.
    I never wished to buy in online because I feared that it might be a second hand product. I couldn’t check and buy. Most of the sites don’t have cash on delivery options. I don’t know how much secure those online transactions will be, as they ask for CVV number. The delivery of product time varies to reach home.
    I went to the shop with my fiancé. The shopkeeper said (pointing at some other dell lap)that this dell will be so good compared to this (the one we asked) and the cost difference is only few thousands. He tried to convince us. There I saw variety of colors available for laptop. Shopkeeper just tried to make us to go by his suggestion. They suggested that warranty option is essential and convinced us to have warranty for at least 2 years and for that money should be paid additionally. Atlast I bought a lap with the following configurations, say the laptop is equipped with 2.27 GHz Intel Core i5-430M processor, ATI Radeon HD 5470 graphics card and 4GB of DDR3 RAM with a 500 GB storage capacity. It costs nearly 35000 including warranty for two years and accessories like headphone, etc. I din’t go by specific websites for seeing details of the computer and its configuration, and its cost. I just used google search. Then I standardized on makeuseof, pcadvisor, tipsforpc, mygeekpal. But I couldn’t get the basic knowledge completely. Now lenzfire is helping me to learn basics clearly. I would like to upgrade my SSD, because this helps me to have a better speed than now, and also gaming will be easier. I will look up the bottleneck problems (as mentioned in lenzfire) and try to overcome those problems to have better performance. This is the story behind my dell laptop (computer). I shared my experience with you all…..

    • Your comments induced me to write a buying guide on laptops.
      But I wish to give some tips on laptops. Lenovo, is the top selling laptop company worldwide, next to that is HP. But in India only HP an Dell give complete cover warranty, which covered accidental damages too. But for that they charge you additional amount in the price of the product. Whereas Asus and Toshiba are the cheap and best companies for any user, who doesn’t need complete cover.

  4. It was the time I joined college. After entering into college every one of us would suffer with assignments, presentations, lab, project works as it bare marks for internals, 6 subjects/sem and each with 3 assignments & innovative works at different time period. Those days I used to go for net centers and search for hours, it costs much &every time someone has to accompany me for that, it was so difficult not only for academic, also my uncles are abroad we used to video chat once in a month, whole family will visit centers like a picnic this 2 reasons induced me to buy a computer. As a student I depend my father so I have to convince him but that was a not a problem for me, seeing my trouble & torture for my work he decided to buy. During that time there was a trend of computer loan, my father office was often visited by many sales executive so he bought many quotations after analyzing 3 to 4 such we finalized budget as 28,000 -30,000.As I have to go to centers for every search truly didn’t see any websites for buying. Myself and my father don’t know how to configure for a PC so went for an advice from my friends who bought PC recently. One of my friends who are well interested suggested to buy assembled set instead of going for company as each company has its own drawback in anyone of the components. I visited various shops and gathered information .we were not aware of online shopping those days & afraid if the components fail how to reclaim it so we never thought of online purchase.

    At last we went to a shop, the shopkeeper has good tricks, first they try to understand our finance background &starts changing ,they attract or attack us with the point -warranty of components (if u buy this company so much of warranty periods ,easy for replacements ,free pen drive etc…………………………..)at last after so much discussion I bought my own computer at cost of 29,000 with configuration of Pentium dual core 2.5,ASUS dg 31motherboard ,2GB RAM, hard disk of 250 GB,SMPS p4, 17” LG monitor ,UPS umax ,TVS keyboard, optical mouse, web cam….After working for a week, the problem started,1st one of my USB port didn’t work ,some of the keys didn’t work and finally system went slow. Immediately I informed shop but the response was not satisfactory and I wound was cheated in some way .Till now my monitor resolution is not up to mark now I had upgraded my PC increased memory, wireless keyboard & mouse, graphic card, fan controller, windows 8 ………

    • Normally we buy from shopkeepers to make easy replacements when products don’t work. But if that prime reason itself fails then there is no reason remaining to buy from them anymore.
      Computer consultants don’t give good after sales Service in most areas, from my experience, that’s why I advice my friends to buy from internet

  5. I have purchased my computer on my 19th birthday, when i was doing my first year college. I hope all engineering students will know about assignments. It is a great torture we experience in our college time. I was much frustrated that time as i was given nearly 2 assignments daily. That time i don’t have PC in my home and so i used to go net cafe daily. But later i felt it more annoying as i could not stay there for more than 3 hours. So i insisted my parents to get me a PC in home.
    After my request, the very first question my parents asked me is” How much will it cost”. But I was not able to answer his question immediately. I said him that I will say the exact amount in 2 days. Then I have started enquiring about it with my friends. But I was not quite satisfactory and so later I moved to browsing centre and opened the Google search and typed, “How much will a good computer cost”. The immediate page that got loaded was Through that I learnt that a normal sufficient configuration PC would price nearly, 20k.
    I informed my dad the very next minute about the pricing. But only before 2 months he paid me a college fee and so I felt guilty on asking him to buy me immediately. I had a savings amount of 13k in post office and I have said him to take that money, but he refused and he himself said of paying the entire money. Now amount is ok, but very next question is which company to buy and where to buy. I said my dad to ask some of his friends and finally his colleague gave a rough configuration for PC. After that I have typed the name of each and every component he has written in the Google search page and found it’s good and bad. I have chosen Intel processor as it is seen quite common in all computers and Zebronics cabinet, Logitech keyboard and mouse, Samsung monitor and so on based on his advice. At that time, cost is my main criteria rather than best performance so I went behind his advice.
    Now configuration is ready and he quoted the budget as 19,300 approximately. So next is where should I buy it? Online shopping was not that much familiar when I was buying my PC. If it is 100 or 200 then taking risk is not a problem, but after a great struggle I was buying my PC so I did not move to online purchase and also there was no proper guidance for me to buy online. So i went through some shops near my home town. But I could not see proper response in some places and they said that the monitor and cabinet which I have chosen were out of stock. I really got upset after that and only that time I felt that there was no good reference for students in buying a PC. At last with no other option I was forced to buy LG monitor and Intel core 2 duo processor. In total, my computer priced Rs. 22,800. The very next day I got my PC assembled by one fellow and after he went out I was sitting in rolling chair and waiting for my monitor to show the desktop page. I could never explain the feel which I had when my PC switched ON for the first time.
    Till my third year I was completely satisfied with my PC, but later after facing problems line by line I felt that I could have purchased some better processor. Also now as I became more familiar with internet and online shopping and great thing is I have purchased my laptop online. I have not entered into any cheating shops neither asked for help from any fellows for purchasing laptop. Instead, I just switched on PC and referred various reviews and comments posted by users on and chosen by own laptop. I feel more comfort and easy now to buy any gadgets online. I feel that searching through various websites is far better than walking through many shops.

    • Your an example for the struggle faced by every normal Indian.
      Also websites like flipkart displays unbiased reviews from users, which helps us to buy better products.
      I feel happy to think that my upcoming computer buying guide will serve many like you, Aarthy

  6. I bought computer to do some online jobs, to watch movies, playing games and documenting of pictures, etc… I have allocated 40k as budget and I get from my dad with thousands of lies as I will not go out if we bought computer and I will study well.. My friend suggested me to buy Sony vio laptop. So I bought that because it can carry anywhere and 2 hours battery back-up. He is a commerce graduate and knows everything about computer. The legend name is Logesh. In case of shoes or sandals we can buy online and this is an electronic items … if we. buy online it will ask for online payment and it will reach us after 5 to 10 days… In our home parents will ask for the products…. In case if defective I need to wait for. refund… my money will block there for some time… So I panic of online shopping…shop keeper cheated me to buy dell laptop as it cost is high compare to Sony vio…..My laptop configuration is 2gb Ram and 500 gb hard disk with front camera and biometrix system. My laptop cost around Rs.41,150 and do no nothing about updation. My request for you to let me know Is there any chance to increase my laptop ram and hard disk. Please let me know.

    Thank you so much for providing this opportunity to tell something. I am feeling proud as this is my 2nd contest and also I am really appreciate your effort to educate others in and around computers. Teaching basics for 40 days @ free of cost is amazing……

    • Most probably there should be an additional RAM slot, but I’m not sure of HDD slot. Even I had bought an Asus laptop with 2 GB RAM and added a 4GB RAM to make it as a total of 6 GB RAM. I bought the RAM from flipkart