Contest 3


How Internet or search engines like Google (except social networks like Facebook etc.) helped you, in real life  ?

Eg:- I used Maps to search for path to home, when I’m lost…


Divi from Erode



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Her Testimonial:

Once when you enter internet with intention to know about computer you will find so many websites present, for explaining the basic of computer, but I found something different and interesting with LenZFire.

From the day 1, till now, I’m eager to know what Mr. Arun is going to explain next. Usually when we get bored with social websites we see such things, but most of us find difficult to read the article fully and get bored, but LenZFire has some magic that he doesn’t make his reader boring but interesting.

Nowadays my first search goes to LenZFire instead of social websites. The way Mr.Arun explains the basic that too with real-time examples makes to understand the components clearly. The explanations are so simple which makes person who doesn’t have so much technical knowledge to become expertise after 40 days course. The contest is an extra plus point to LenZFire, which makes readers to think in a different way, I’m confident that after completely this course, I will be able to give information for someone about processor, motherboard, on how to select these things for a PC. I thank Mr.Arun for sharing information and great work, go ahead………

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phani kumar


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  2. Aarthy
  3. Divya Nair
  4. Ragothaman.R
  5. Balaji
  6. Saravanakumar
  7. Phanikumar
  8. Santha
  9. Naveen
  10. Jeev

16 thoughts on “Contest 3

  1. –>> As per me Search Engines are awesome technology(Google ect..)
    –>> In my real life, from the date I started using Search Engines mainly
    for improving my Knowledge.
    –>> I would say Search Engines are Knowledge OCEAN.
    –>> What ever doubts I get in my mind, I just google it, I will get many answers
    related to my search, so now daily I am learning many things by using these
    Search Engines.

  2. Hi..
    In my computer I do have two accounts. One for guest and one for me. The password for both the account is well known to all my friends and my family members. So, I couldn’t keep something (secrets) in a folder as personal. Even if it is personal all used to open and see. I can’t tell them not to open the folders because such things will create mis-understanding. All my passwords of online banking, credit card information and other important notes that I collected, etc., I used to have it saved in a word doc for having an easy look while logging in with my computer. Though they won’t misuse it, I feared that some strangers might note the passwords and make use of it. So, I was thinking how to protect my word documents and other important notes. So, I searched in Google for “how to protect my folders with password”. Then, I found software, which is freely available for protecting folders and the name of the software is “password folder”. I installed this software and now I protected all my personal stuffs with this with a password. Moreover, if we are protecting a folder in the desktop, this had options for whether the protected folder should be hidden from desktop or it can be displayed on the desktop. Very useful for all who have something personal stored with the computer.

  3. Very recently I bought a new iPhone. As I am new to use this phone, am so excited. I am not moving a step without my new mobile. I installed all kind of apps and I enjoyed a lot. One day I went out for shopping and I returned home. After sometime I realized that my iPhone is missing. I am stunned and confused. I don’t know whether it is missed or someone has stolen. I searched everywhere including the shops which I visited and every nook & corner of my home. I called to my iPhone, later I realized that the phone is in silent mode. Then I opened my safari browser and I searched for “how to find my missed iPhone”. Then I found about “Find My iPhone” app. I slightly felt relaxed, to see such an app exists for finding. Then I read the procedures about that app, regarding how to find it. It was so simple. The thing is to install this app on my iPad (that is any other iOS device) and I have to sign in with the app, using my apple id which I had used in my lost iPhone. Then the map displayed the same location of my home as mentioning “your iPhones’ location”. Immediately I heard an extremely louder sound. The tune is as same as the ringtone of my iPhone, but it was louder than the usual. I just went in the direction of the sound and I found that the sound is from inside my car. Then I opened my car and I found my mobile under my driving seat.(It had fallen from my pocket it seems.) This app made my phone to produce such a loud sound, that I could hear, even if my car’s door were closed. I felt so jubilant and joyful. Thanks to safari and Find My iPhone app………. Safari is simply superb and faster and also helped me to find such an app…it is a browser as like google chrome, Safari helps to serve the user fastly ….

  4. Hi friends… This is especially for girls. I am happy to share this important information with you all. Let me come to the point.
    One day when I was returning from college, I found two guys following me everywhere. This continued for two days. Sometimes, this might be my misunderstanding and so, I din’t tell my parents. But I searched in Google “how to safeguard myself?” On searching I found an app that can help me protect myself and the name of the app is “Circle of 6”. I advise all to install this app on their iPhone as this app helps to alert our friends or relatives or police whenever the person is threatened. Even we know karate, sometimes an injection with high dose may cause us to faint all of a sudden. But once if we are known somebody is attacking us, we can’t type a message or call someone for help and also if nobody is near to us. But we will be having some 5 seconds time, and this app works faster that is we don’t want to type a message or select a contact to call, instead just tapping this app, would immediately send an alert to the six numbers that we have already set in the app. It also sends details about the location where we are threatened and predetermined text messages that we have set with the app. This can be used even when we are caught under the hands of the thief. This app is must for all the girls especially, after coming to know about Delhi incidents. Now-a-days am moving out confidently with this app. I found such an app from the Google. Thus Google made me to be bolder and safer.

  5. Hi lenzfire
    Google search is doing its the wonderful work , it is helpful in the field of vocabulary , becos in the English vocabulary just a letter can change its meaning . Similarly in the other language also .
    Recharge the Mobile through internet make me easy , instead of going to shop it’s a waste of time.
    Update news in the world are known now and then through internet . Just through the railway website I had came to know the cancellation of the train , which helped me to make some alternative arrangement so that I had reached the destination at the time .
    Through google search I had compared the pricelist of the product which I had planned to buy, and its rating had helped to buy the best product .
    Last month I had planned to go to a college at Pollachi, but I m new to the place so I had searched in google ,I had found the Shortest Distance to reach the unknown place and the Duration to reach the place, which helped me a lot .
    I had learnt more shortcut key operation of the keyboard through internet, it had helped me at the time when my mouse get strucked.
    GOOGLE is that Given Out Option for Good Learning Elegant
    For Many beginner in all the field , the Google search provide the basic about it , From Computer to cooking

  6. Best source for getting the information required before we get or we need some thing. we can go and search the things and can make a decision whether to get it or not. Once i planned to buy a laptop, was little confused to buy the best within my budget. I logged into google search to find the best product with best price, it showed the products and its comparison with the price which made me to come to conclusion in buying the laptop.
    Like wise, it is very useful in many ways such as watching or knowing the live updates, recent incidents. It helps to locate the places where we want to reach or we need to go. It provides all the information from the base level to higher end. What ever things you required you can have with in seconds from the search.

  7. I have divided the use of google engine into 3 stages.
    In schoolings:
    I searched lot of pictures in google search engine like pivot table, graph, elephant pictures, geographical moonson seasons and previous exam question papers.
    In collage:
    I used google search engine for booking cinema tickets, train tickets, checking availability of hotels rooms in queen of hills, semester results and games for mobile phones.
    Working Environment:
    I using to get the banking details, money transfer, to pay utility bills, to check spelling and meaning for some Jargon words.

  8. Dear All,
    This is my first post for Lenz fire… I’m a Finance professional and basically from commerce background… Here @ Lenz fire, they make learning so simplified and ease which can even turn a Layman to a Computer expert through their most simplified Teaching methods….!! Great Stuff..!!
    I’ll share one of my Fruitful experiences with the Google search engine and Internet, as said earlier, when I was working as a Finance Analyst for my previous concern, my Job profile was to Trade in the Online Forex Market, which requires a lot of Analysis and Pressure handling skills b’coz we’ll be playing with huge money in the Live market… but @ the end of the day its all about booking profits for my concern (a minimal of 1000$ per day…!)
    As said earlier, even though my Job was so critical and stressful – We badly needed some Stress Busters to over come the tougher times….! All of a sudden we planned to Google “Online Games” and play which ever is available in the Internet… Initially we started to play Individual Games of their own interest…. Later on we started to play Multiplayer Games with ourselves, which helped us to build a great rapport within our Team… To be more specific we played Online Rummy and etc…
    This really worked for us as a Stress buster, after that we were really Proactive and relaxed @ our workstations..
    We also made fun out of Google maps by switching over to satellite view and finding our hideouts and also the worlds famous places…. This might sound silly, but it helped us to relax for some time… We also used Google Images and Youtube for Funny images and Videos..
    To my understanding Google has become like one of my Family member who always helps me out of hard times and gives solutions………….!!
    These are some Fruitful experiences for me from Search engines……………..!

  9. Basically, I am always lazy & I like lazy people. Because I have gone through one of the sentences from Bill gates “ He always prefer to appoint the lazy people in his concern because they only know to do the difficult work very easily”.
    In this way I use internet to pay all my bills like EB, Telephone bills & to book the tickets in IRCTC(train tickets) & I use internet for Netbanking. People may say that I am lazy, because I am not standing in a queue & pay the bills, but I could do some other important work.
    Take this contest as an example, If you print a notice & distribute may cost some amount & waste of papers & waste of money but through internet is also possible.
    Nowadays, If you go to bank to deposit the amount to some other or to our own account, believe me you will have to spend 30 minutes just standing in a queue. I always don’t prefer that.
    For me Internet is
    I- Intelligence
    N – Nice
    T – Technology
    E – Effectiveness
    R – Research
    N – Network
    E – Element
    T- Time saver.
    Finally, Like I said in the introduction “ I AM PROUD TO BE A LAZY BY USING THE INTERNET”
    Mobile# 99522-23461

  10. When I think about internet or search engines first I think that How on Earth did our parents’ generation survive college without the Internet? I’m sure I’m not the only one who shakes their head in disbelief over this question. About my college experience compared to that of my parents, which explains that some things won’t change such as parties enjoyments etc. but other aspects of college life have changed tremendously, most notably the technologies that complement and enable our studies. So much of life centres on the Internet these days, including education. Search engines, online newspapers and academic journals now comprise the backbone of nearly every research paper and group project during a student’s college career.
    Think the day of your exam result and you without internet you are in compulsion to know your result in our college, surly I will get heart attack before getting to college thanks to net facility.
    The facility that I enjoy with internet in real life is e booking, online shopping with so much of discounts, navigation by which you can reach an unknown place, eBooks, online payments and many online jobs.
    Today’s world every thing has become online recently i had applied for my passport in online, registered my degree in employment service and applying for various competitive exam had become easy.
    To make clear without internet think how i will participate in a contest conducted by lenzfire?

  11. Once when I could not find the information I am looking for in Google, I just searched for some other search engine and finally found Joongel. It has helped me a lot to search other web properties from one convenient interface. Also I use search engine from AOL called Truveo to index video clips from news and entertainment websites.
    My cell phone records video in 3gp format but Windows Media Player cannot play these files. Also my friend has sent me a document in Office 2007 format but i do not have any software to read it. At that time I have used Zamzar, an online service that converts images, videos, audio and documents from one format to another without downloading any software. I do not mean that I use only above three web services, but I wish saying that above three services helped me a lot when I was in real need. I also use other services like Dropbox, Navigation, News and Weather and WhatApp regularly in my daily life, which helps me lot to solve my daily issues.

  12. Two months back, I was doing my project report work. I used to work with the systems present in the computer lab of my college. After completing the report work, I copied it to my pendrive. I dint mail the report to my mail id, as net failed to connect in the lab. After copying the report, I deleted it from the system, because I don’t wish others to see my report until I bound it. The report consists of nearly 35 pages in the word doc. After coming home, I just inserted my pendrive to my laptop, it showed me data corrupted and it needs formatting. Unknowingly, I formatted my pendrive. (At that time, I forgot about my report which is present in the pendrive)
    All of a sudden, I got remembered about my report and I turned frustrated. I started crying. I don’t know what to do then. Immediately I checked in google search for data recovery software. It showed me the usb drive data recovery software. Immediately I downloaded it and restored my report back. Then only I felt relaxed. Thanks to Google and data recovery software.