Contest 2


What will you do in your computer, when you feel bored? (Assume you don’t have Internet)





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Her Testimonial: is an amazing website filled with ocean of information. At first, my friend has recommended me to join then Beginners guide program conducted by this site. But I have not shown lot interest in it when she said. After two days when I got bored with my Facebook and when there is no other work to do in internet, I have entered this site to just see what is there in this program. But you will not believe I have now referred more than 100 friends for this beginners program. Now i got totally addicted to this program and waiting eager to know what Mr. Arun is going to explain next. Before studying this article, I know only the components present in computer and its basic function. But now after becoming a regular reader of LenFZire article I got to know what processor is? …what motherboard is? …How to select a processor? ……so on. I am confident that once I complete this 40 day course I will become an expert in computer and its working.

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Her Testimonial:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge in a different way…. You are keeping up your words as u mentioned that u will not be teaching any definitions and writing boring essays…

As the site starts with basic “what is a computer?”, it will be very clear to understand the upcoming concepts. I am so involved with LenZFire, as it taught me the basic in a simpler way…..

Generally, I used to think of what I learnt the whole day, before going to bed. At that time I can’t sleep well, if I am confused with any technical understandings and I will keep on thinking about that. With that concern, the technical details present on your site are so simple and this can be easily understood by the school students and hence I thought that I can sleep peacefully. But your weekly contest made me to think the whole nights in the week, especially your motherboard question. Now-a-days am kept on visiting your site often and looking for updates, as like I used to go with g-mail and facebook…

You are proving your stuff very brilliantly that u had in the computer field, because your way of posting the concept in your site, really glistens.

19 thoughts on “Contest 2

  1. In my computer, whenever I felt bored, I used to do the following things
    First I start talking to my computer. Please don’t think me as mad. What I mean is, I start to teach (train) my computer to work for my voice command. (Basically I am so lazy. I don’t want to see the keyboard and type everything and complete the work with the help of keyboard and mouse.) Have u all confused about, how to train computer to respond for voice commands? It is very simple. I have installed dragon naturally speaking software in my computer. Whenever I don’t have internet connection, I open this software and start training my computer to work for my voice command. Training voices to the computer will be very interesting. Once completed the training program, you can just command your computer for some work and in turn it responds. It helps the students mainly. Whenever they want to do assignment in MS Word and print it out, there is no need for typing the content in MS Word. If they just dictate the content it is well enough, and there is no need to fear about spelling mistakes. Whenever there is no internet, start train your computer to work for your commands, which will be useful as well as interesting, as we, the youngsters are more interested in learning new things. Really it reduces the stress for the students. Eg. If you want to move the cursor down one line, simply say: Down One. If you say open file, and in turn the computer responds by asking, which file? Or where the file is?
    Second I will run a complete scan for my computer, to check whether any virus exists.
    Third, I used to practice type writing (without seeing the keyboard). You may all wonder that why I need to practice type writing, as I have installed dragon naturally speaking software. I practice type writing, because in my college, the computers in the lab have no dragon software. So, I practice it to complete my work faster.
    As fourth, I have so many accounts in online like gmail, yahoo mail, facebook, orkut, twitter, clixword, clixsense, ginger, clickbank and so on… remembering all these password is difficult for me… so I create a doc containing all these id and passwords…
    Then I use my desktop screen as a mirror and I take lot of photos of myself through webcam. Finally, I organize my bookmarks, and clear the unwanted software (to create free space for future usage), and gaming, so on…..

  2. I will work Microsoft word, watching movies, hearing songs etc., I get bored deleting unwanted folders and make free space for future usage.

  3. One day, when i was scrolling the bookmark on Firefox, i took almost 32 seconds to reach the last bookmark. From then, whenever I get bored and whenever my internet connection goes down I will categorize and organize the list of bookmarks on my browser.
    Then I will uninstall programs that I don’t use. By doing so, I will have plenty of space on the drive.
    Out of all, when I get bored, I will unplug my PC and clean out the dust.
    I suggest you all that cleaning your PC is the best thing to do when we get bored with internet and computer.
    Sometimes I will keep on redialing the dial-up connection and half of the time will go on in that way.
    If I am in extreme bore, I will ask God Why Me? …………………
    In reality, telephones are provided along with modem, but according to me, almost all ISPs provide such Tele line in such a reliability that “Your internet connection will go down for every half an hour and by the time you can use this telephones for calling your friends” So when I am bored without internet I will use my modem, that is telephone line as tool.

  4. In my computer, whenever I felt bored, I used to do the following,
    First I used to turn the display of my computer upside down (I dint mean the monitor to be turned physically), that is by using the display option, I specify a rotation of screen about one eighty degree …. Now, I start playing games upside down for sometimes… really it will be a challenge to complete gaming like that and it will be more entertaining.…. because, when the screen is normal it is very easy to play any sort of games, but when it is upside down, which is different from the usual way it turns to be a tough job and overall it will be a challenge to complete it and a bored feel runs away. Basically am not interested in seeing photos and working with any technical software….
    Second, I used to insert a TV tuner card with the computer and I watch some programs as per my wish…. Even if this bored me, finally I used to clean up my computer, by deleting unwanted folders and make free space for future usage….

  5. In general COMPUTER(Commonly Operated Machine Programmed used for technical Education and Research) this expansion can also be changed when we get bored as
    Used for
    Time pass
    The proverb” As the time passes only the memories remain intact”i felt it more close to computer than any another in form of photos that remember us the most enjoyed moments in life.According to me,one can explore the actual work behind the graphic card (for games), media (music,film and HD video),the pleasure of editing our own photos with Photoshop advancements and various software’s when bored.

  6. I will just stare at system for while thinking what to do……..Then will probably open and close all folders and will organise each in appropriate place. Am not craze on any kind of applications on computer, so will not even move to that side. To be specific, if there is more time then will watch for movie else will enjoy my photo collections and keep remember the good old memories. But mostly half the time will go in thinking what to do next and will be idle and speak with system only through silence.