Contest 1


Why motherboard is called ‘motherboard’ and not a ‘father board’?

Winner – Rakesh

RAKESH from Udumalpet



His Testimonial:

Literally your site is brilliant and dazzling.
Starting from the day 1 program, I was so anxious to know about the
upcoming programs. I never felt bored when reading the content of your
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content while reviewing it, as it remained fruitful.
WOW!!! Hat’s off to your ideas regarding weekly contest.
Thanks for sharing your astonishing thoughts…
The contest was filled with captivating ideas and really
humorous…..I enjoyed it a lot.

12 thoughts on “Contest 1

  1. mother is the source of us(that is our birth) . Hence the component is the main source. So it is called motherboard.

  2. key of home is always in the hands of mother…thus key of computer is called as mother board bcoz mother board is the most important component of computer.hence it is named as like dat

  3. The person who developed it may be a women, thats why she named so……..moreover behind every success there will be a girl rather than boy,,,,,,,,,similarly every successful operation of computer there is only a main board and hence we call it as motherboard ……

    • You have induced me to Google “who found motherboard?”
      I have found that kristel Marie cabaya had found motherboard. It’s a lady as you guessed! But I’m not sure whether it’s true or not.

  4. Mother board is the main circuit board in the computer, and it can be extended by plugging other circuit boards into it.

    • Motherboard is called ‘motherboard’ and not a ‘father board’ because,

      Mother is the CHIEF,
      but Father is just a BELIEF.

      (Mother is considered to be the most important person in any concern.She is considered to be the arch or captain. Compared to mother, the father is just like axioms that is we are about to trust without any proof.)

    • Practically 90 percent of the people used to love their mothers when compared to other relations like father.So, I think the engineers who designed the circuit board (mother board) wanted or planned to gain more marketing for the board and increase the demand.For that the suitable naming of the board is highly essential.
      Keeping all these thoughts in mind the engineers cleverly named it as motherboard such that each and everyone, especially mother lovers were easily made to be attracted towards it, as a belief it takes care and control all the components within it….