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Before going into Who I’m & What I’m ? Let’s see What I’m going to do here in LenZFire.com!

1. Do you have a computer?

2. Do you want to purchase a computer and do not know where to start?

3. Do you want to upgrade yourself to be ready for the new computerized environment in your job?


1. Have you ever felt that your computer upgrade doesn’t worth the money you spent?

2. Have you ever felt that you have been cheated by computer seller?

Then LenZFire is your exact destination.


So what I’m (NOT) going to do actually?

1. I will not teach you any Definitions

2. I will not be writing any boring essays or books

3. I will not charge you any Money!

Then. How it’s going to be?

1. Everything is going to be completely Free!

2. Interesting

3. Interactive – worried? I will not compel you, but you will enter into discussions spontaneously.

Yes! It will.

What I’m trying to do here in LenZFire?

I have been following several computer websites for a past few years. I have been reading several news websites.

What I have found is,

A hype is created mostly on high end products

Comprehensive reviews are written mostly on high mid range to high end products

What I couldn’t find is,

Detailed and consistent information about future releases on Budget and Mid range computer components

Detailed reviews and buying guides for Budget PC users, even though if they are present they aren’t applicable to Indian PC users.

So, I just wanted to provide information, a guide, a community to Indian PC users right from the scratch.

How can I do this actually?

I’m going to publish several programmes. Of course Completely free!

To say, first one on the queue is ” Beginners Guide to Computer Hardware “. There are more to come, which are secret for now!

Still Not Convinced?

Yes! I have more for you.

Daily I will post some easy questions.

You don’t need to give correct answer.

Only the creative, funny and innovative answer will win a prize every week.

Are you in?

Then this is what you’re required to do.

Spend just 5 minutes a day

I will send you articles daily to your email

But how will I know your email?


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Once you have Joined, (After entering your email and pressing ‘Sign up’ button)

You need to verify your email

You can do that by clicking the verification link in an email that will be sent to you now.

Now it’s time to add something about me.

My PhotoI’m Arun.

Your New Friend!

I’m not a teacher, professor or an expert. I’m just as you, who have started my computer experience since my age 11 and now I’m 23.

I was born and brought up from a town, Bhavani and still I’m in Bhavani. I have completed Engineering from Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai in 2010.

Then, I started blogging since August 2010. First I started my blogging experience with lensfire.blogspot.com. But I had no strategy or direction to follow, so I was just publishing some news related to Computer Hardware.

In May 2011, I transfered the blog to Lenzfire.com. For your information my gross income from this website till Feb 2012 was 1 lakh, which is a considerable income for a starter like me.

Then from Feb 2012, I quitted blogging to continue on my professional course. I have passed it successfully but still there is a lot to go in it.

But during this break I have learnt several things and the one among them is that ” Money is not everything ” but it’s the value that we provide to our people.

So I decided to provide some value from my side to my people of India and I’m here with you now.

I, once again Welcome you to LenZFire!