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Intel reveals specifications of Haswell-DT processors

Details of First Haswell processors for desktops revealed

Recently, more rumours are coming on the next generation microprocessors from Intel with Haswell micro-architecture. Although there are still several months for the debut of processor, today Intel itself has revealed the specifications of Xeon E3 V3 Series microprocessors codenamed Haswell-DT. It is a processor designed for LGA 1150 socket.

The new Intel Xeon E3 V3 Series processor codenamed Haswell-DT for servers and workstations with LGA 1150 socket will be the replacement of for current Xeon E3 V2 Series “Ivy Bridge-DT” processors for servers and workstations with LGA 1155 socket.

The new processor follows architectural changes and hence it will be backward compatible with previous LGA 1155 socket. Haswell-DT will not use IGP GT3 like Core i7/i5/i3 versions for desktop and it will be reserved for Haswell-ULT and Haswell-H variants.

The new specifications of Haswell-DT microprocessors are as follows:

Specifications of Xeon E3 V3 Series processors

The Xeon 1200 v3 will act as logical successor to current Xeon 1200 v2, which is based on the Ivy Bridge architecture. Third generation Xeon 1200 are part of Denlow platform LGA1150 socket. The Xeon 1200 v3 product follows previous generation versions in terms of numbering. There are some Low Power versions, designated with an “L” at the end of the codename. These have a significantly lower TDP value of only 16 watts. The default TDP is around 80-84 watts.

It is appreciated that not all new Xeon E3 Series V3 will be incorporated with Intel HD Graphics Professional integrated graphics. It is said that Xeon E3 V3 L Series processor will have 25 and 16W TDPs.

Intel has not revealed the exact release date and availability of new microprocessors, but it is expected that the processor will reach by June of this year. It is a few days or weeks after the debut of Core i7/i5 processor.