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Intel readies 3 new CPU: Core i3-3250, 3245 & Celeron G470

Intel plans to launch 3 new Ivy Bridge processors

According to CPU world, Intel is expected to launch third generation processor under the family of Ivy Bridge. It has mentioned that Intel is working to launch three new microprocessors in the desktop platform termed Ivy Bridge-DT for socket LGA 1155.

The new microprocessors that Intel is preparing are: Core i3-3250, Core i3-3245 and Pentium G470. The new processors will differ slightly from current processors like Core i3-3240 and Pentium G465 by offering a slightly higher frequency of 100MHz and better integrated graphics like HD Graphics 4000.

Features of Intel Core i3-3245

Intel Core i3-3245 will be based on Ivy Bridge architecture and will pack two CPU cores and GT2 graphics on a die. The processor will have box part number of BX80637I33245. It is expected to have HD 4000 graphics. It will carry almost similar specifications of Core i3-3240 like Hyper-Threading technology, 3.4 GHz clock speed, 3 MB L3 cache and 55 Watt TDP.

Features of Intel Celeron G470

Celeron G470 is a SKU that will be based on almost obsolete Sandy Bridge micro architecture. Furthermore, the G470 belongs to budget G400 series, which means that it will have Hyper-Threading, 1.5 MB L3 cache, 35 Watt TDP and one CPU core. It is expected that the processor, G470 will be clocked at 2 GHz, or a bit higher than the G465. Moreover, it will have a box part number of BX80623G470.

Features of Core i3-3250

Another Core i3 model, that will be likely fastest than all Core i3 processors, will be released later this year. Information about this part appeared in Intel’s Material Declaration Data Sheets (MDDS) database over the weekend that this processor will be termed as Core i3-3250. According to the MDDS database, the box part number of new CPU will be BX80637I33250.

The table that holds specifications of three new chips is as follows:

It is presumed that these new chips will make their appearance from April to September of this year.