New announcement of AMD on Facebook page

What AMD will announce on February 4?

AMD Gaming

AMD has decided to add a little more excitement and they have mentioned in Facebook as “Are you ready?

Things are getting Reloaded on 02/04/13.

But no one really knows what AMD is trying to mean. But it is expected that AMD will bring some light into the darkness.

Obviously, AMD is trying to give something on February 4 for its users and it is trying to maintain it as secret till date. It is unlikely to think that AMD will present new hardware on February 4.

But it is likely to think that AMD may launch some gaming series as it has mentioned the words in AMD gaming page. It is a page where AMD will provide details on all new AMD gaming.

New data on “AMD Gaming” Facebook page

Accordingly, one could argue of new graphics cards, especially AMD Radeon HD 8000 series graphic card.

AMD has recently presented its 8000M series graphic card for OEM market. However, it is also considered unlikely as all rumours on the above card got shut.

Also it is expected that AMD will not launch its next generation, Sea-Island processor with Graphics Core Next-2.0 architecture until Q2 of 2013.

AMD has recently announced that it will launch a new game bundle for video cards in Q1 of 2013. So it is anticipated that AMD may launch its new game bundle on mentioned February 4. AMD has currently announced “Never-Settle”-games package that consist of free full version of Far Cry 3, Hitman Absolution together and Sleeping Dogs.

But whatever be the case, we can never say anything sure. We should wait till tomorrow to know what AMD is going to reload.

AMD Released Catalyst 13.2 Beta GPU Driver

AMD has recently revealed new beta of Catalyst 13.2 graphics driver and it is supposed to provide additional and quite substantial improvements to Crysis 3 performance.

Catalyst 13.2 beta 4 update is indeed developed to provide up to 50% performance improvement in certain cases. Tomorrow, AMD is expected to bring great surprise for its users.