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Intel Haswell Release Date – For Notebooks and Ultrabooks

Intel Haswell is expected for Computex 2013

According to the latest rumour, Intel Haswell release date will fall on Computex 2013, which is to be held between 4th and 8th of June.

Now, VR-Zone has reported that Intel has decided to launch Notebooks and Ultrabooks, based on Haswell microprocessor, soon.

First processor built specifically for Ultrabooks, Haswell

For Desktop part, Intel is anticipated to launch Core i7-4770K and Core i5-4570K series processor and for Mobile part, it is reported to launch MX, HQ and MQ Series processor.

The latest rumour suggests that for Ultrabooks, Intel is expected to launch U-series Haswell processors simultaneously.

The U-series processors will include

  1. Core i7-4650U
  2. Core i7-4550U
  3. Core i5-4350U
  4. Core i5-4250U
  5. Core i5-4200U
  6. Core i3-4100U
  7. Core i3-4010U 7

Features of Intel Haswell based Ultrabooks

Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system has a user interface, which is specifically designed for touch support and so Intel is now planning to develop Ultrabooks with touch screen.

Intel has not mentioned officially that it will develop touch Ultrabooks but has just claimed that touch screen is highly essential for next generation Ultrabooks.

Skaugen has also mentioned that Intel fourth generation core Ultrabooks will be the game-changers. He has also claimed that nearly 130 Ultrabooks will be launched for this year and out of that, nearly 40 will include touch screen.

Moreover, he believes that these Ultrabooks will be much thinner and have better battery life.

Pricing of Haswell Ultrabooks

Despite packing better processor and touch panel, Ultrabooks based on Intel Haswell processors are anticipated to arrive for an affordable pricing of $799.

Moreover, it is expected that the price may drop to $599 by the end of the year.

Release date of Ultrabooks with Haswell processor

According to the new information, Intel is supposed to launch its new fourth-generation microprocessors for Notebooks (Haswell-MB) and Ultrabooks (Haswell-ULT) between 27th May and 7th June of 2013.

The new products will provide tough competition to MacBook Air 2013 edition of Apple. Moreover, reports reveal that Intel will release a total of 15 new fourth-generation Core microprocessors for laptops.

The exact release date of Intel fourth generation core processors for desktop called Haswell-DT is not known, but it is expected to arrive in a few days or few weeks after the release of portable PC editions.