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Intel Haswell + Crystalwell offer 8 hours battery life

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Intel’s Haswell Ultrabook Chips to Bring 70 percent better Battery Life

According to the latest rumors, Intel will launch fourth generation Haswell processor by June 2013. It adds that Intel will launch Multi Chip Module Crystalwell technology equipped Haswell between July and September of 2013.

Intel will include Crystalwell technology in variants like high-end notebooks, all-in-one Haswell-H and Ultrabooks. The technology will feature up to 128MB of eDRAM memory with 512-bit bus. Haswell-ULT SoC will offer 70% higher range than the current Chief River platform.

Haswell achieves all day battery life

4th generation Intel Haswell Ultrabooks processor

The chip will consume low power and hence the Ultrabooks will have 8 hours battery time. One of the close sources to Intel claimed that Haswell will offer 70 percent more battery life compared to Ivy Bridge platform. It is a huge success for Intel.

With Shark bay Ultrabooks baseline feature Intel can offer a whole-day battery life. It is notable that all-day battery life does not mean 24 hours battery life, but it only mean eight hours battery time.

Features of Haswell Ultrabooks

Sunspider benchmarks chart of Haswell processor for Ultrabooks

Most Ultrabooks used today delivers only 5 to 6 hours battery time. But Shark Bay Ultrabooks, which are expected to be released by Intel in Q3, will deliver 8 hours battery time. Haswell-based Ultrabooks ULT are expected to be released between July to September of this year.

It is anticipated that Haswell convertible notebooks will really give a tough war against ARM based tablets. But we should remember that Haswell convertible notebooks will be priced higher. Also we should not forget that 4th generation Core processors are the first chip from Intel constructed with Ultrabooks in mind. Along with the new reference design, Intel mentioned to integrate touch input in Haswell based Ultrabooks.

Haswell will surely attract more number of users as it will include lot of computing power and decent battery life. So there is a chance for Intel to compete high with other tablets in market, if Haswell goes well.

The upcoming Haswell is manufactured, based on 22 nanometer process, which is the same as current generation Ivy Bridge series processor that powers all Macs except the Mac Pro. The future chip will include improved integrated Intel HD graphics, in addition to the claimed power efficiency improvements.