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Intel Haswell CPUs for Tablets will be Released in Q4 2013

Intel Haswell-Y series tablets for 2013

Intel has launched its third generation microprocessor called Ivy Bridge-Y series during past CES 2013.

With Ivy Bridge-Y, Intel aimed to target tablet and notebook market.

In its future fourth generation, Haswell-Y series based tablets and Ultrabooks, Intel is said to include new metering called SDP.

What is the difference between SDP and TDP?

Scenario Design Power (SDP) is an additional thermal reference point used to represent mainstream touch-first usages.

It is used to balance the performance, mobility in tablet, to extend capabilities and develop thermally constrained designs.

In other words SDP is average power consumption and TDP is highest power consumption.

Intel Haswell tablets with 7.5W SDP

The winner of SDP market is Core i7 3689Y.

It features dual-cores with 4 threads and is based on 22nm Ivy Bridge core. It has a TDP of 13W and SDP of 7W.

The runner is Core i5 3439Y.

It has two cores with 4 threads and includes HD 4000 graphics clocked at 350MHz. It has same 13W TDP, 7W SDP and is available for $250.

But Haswell with TDP levels up to 11.5 W and SDP of 7.5W is expected to arrive between October and December of 2013.

Though both Ivy Bridge-Y and Haswell-Y processors are made with 22nm manufacturing process, Intel is expected to offer higher performance through Haswell core.

Intel announces Bay Trail processor for tablets

Besides Haswell, Intel is also said to announce Bay Trail Atom processors for tablet based on Windows 8 and Android operating system.

Intel is expected to deliver its best performance with Bay Trail Atom processor. In specific, it is said that the performance of tablet powered by Bay Trail Atom processor will be double the performance offered by other tablets available in market today.

Bay Trail can be implemented into a device that has 8 mm thickness.

Intel promises to provide all day standby battery life in tablets with Bay Trail and Haswell processor.

It is anticipated that Bay Trail processor will be available in the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2013.