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Intel Haswell Benchmarks vs. Ivy Bridge Processor

First clock to clock Intel Haswell Benchmarks

The Russian site, OCLab.ru got a chance to access the first prototype of new processing platform, Intel Haswell and compared it with existing Ivy Bridge at the same clock speed. The main reason for not performing Haswell Benchmark before is scarcity of engineering samples and availability of only few LGA 1150 8-series motherboards.

Performance of Intel Haswell revealed

However, the Russian website did not push the chip all the way and also they have not mentioned the exact model of the chip used. They have limited clock frequency of both processors to 2.8 GHz and did a clock-for-clock comparison in SuperPi 1M, PiFast, and wPrime 32M.

As a result it is found that Haswell chip is only marginally faster than Ivy Bridge and in fact it is notable that Haswell is even slower in one test.

Did Haswell failed to compete with Ivy Bridge?

In its next series of tests, the reviewer stepped up the load and conducted single-threaded SuperPi 32M and multi-threaded wPrime 1024M test.

In wPrime 1024M test, the performance of Haswell and Ivy Bridge are almost identical. But in, SuperPi 32M test, Haswell was 3% better.

Throughout the test they have disabled Turbo Boost, C1E, and EIST. Overall, it appears that Haswell architecture do not have significant improvements in terms of raw power.

Features of Intel Haswell architecture

Obviously, this is an unfinished development and should provide better performance in the ‘real world’ as it includes new architecture, new instructions, integrated GPU with DX 11.1 support, new cache system or new generation of DDR4 memory and further improvements in energy consumption.

Intel to develop Haswell Ultrabook

It is said that it will not be worthy to switch from Ivy Bridge to Haswell. Also users should remember a fact that Haswell is incompatible with current motherboards. However, they have also mentioned that Ultrabooks with Haswell will offer far better performance than Ultrabooks with Ivy Bridge.

It is claimed that 4th generation Intel Haswell processors are scheduled for release in Computex 2013. Computex is a show which is going to take place in Taipei of Taiwan during June 2013.