Dual GPU AMD Malta is the successor of NewZealand

AMD working on Malta – dual GPU card

AMD Malta dual GPU graphic card

A few days ago, AMD claimed that it will launch video cards based on their dual GPU solution – Radeon HD 7990 series, New Zealand.

For now, Fudzilla has reported that AMD is working on a successor to New Zealand. The new dual GPU card will be codenamed as Malta, which is a dual-chip card.

Reports said that AMD Malta may be based on Tahiti like HD 7990 cards.

AMD Malta card is expected to have 1GHz clock frequency, which will become the fastest offering from AMD. It is also believed that the card will be available to more than a few partners.

AMD wishes to claim back the crown of fastest dual GPU card with this new New Zealand, from Nvidia

Will AMD Malta work faster than GeForce Titan?

Dual Pitcairn is expected to act as a more interesting product.

AMD is supposed to take the Pitcairn design and change it for high end for GCN2.

GK110′s DP performance is well power gated for Titan and hence AMD is believed to do the same in Tahiti, which is too power hungry.

GeForce Titan is only 25% faster than 7970GHz and so AMD is expected to clock Radeon 7970 at 1300 MHz. It will also be accompanied with good design, a fancy cooler and hence will be a bit faster than GeForce Titan.

Performance of AMD Malta

This dual GPU AMD Malta will likely beat the 1050MHz dual-chip water-cooled ASUS ARES2-6GD5 and 2 x Radeon HD 7970 cards.

But it is still not clear whether Malta will outpace NV’s Titan SLI. It is expected that the card will get its launch during first half of 2013. But AMD probably needs to see the performance of Nvidia GeForce Titan before releasing the new card.

AMD said it will launch a new video card in Radeon HD 7000 Series Southern Islands.

So it is speculated that Malta will end up being dual Radeon HD 7970 Edition 1 GHz XT2 Tahiti.

It is known that the dual GPU solution of Radeon HD 8000 Series Sea Islands GPUs is called as Aruba.