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Rumor – AMD Richland APU’s exact release date

Release date of AMD CPUs and APUs revealed

Earlier this year, AMD has announced its third generation A series APU at CES 2013. The A series APU includes Richland, Kabini and Temash. The company has promised that it will launch all the above processors within first half of 2013.


Though AMD has not revealed the exact release date of A series APU, there are some speculations about the release date by OBR Hardware.

AMD A-6000 Series Richland APU release date

The new third generation A series Richland APU for desktop FM2 socket will arrive on March 19 2013, while laptop and ultrathin versions, Richland UL and Richland ULV will arrive on May 7 2013.


AMD Kabini APU release date

AMD’s new A Series Kabini APU will arrive in May 2013, a few weeks after the launch of portable PC, Richland APUs.

Kabini is the first APU from AMD that use x86 system on a chip design, incorporates an APU’s normal components and a Fusion Controller Hub onto a single die.

3rd Generation FX Series processor’s release date

AMD is also working to launch its 3rd generation FX Series processors for desktop, compatible with AM3+ socket.

These FX processors will be marketed as AMD FX-x4x0 Series, like the current FX-x3x0 series Vishera processors, which is based on Piledriver architecture.

Upcoming FX series processors are also based on Piledriver architecture and will be manufactured using the same 32nm process, of course with some improvements.

This improved Piledriver based FX processors will offer more benefits, as it will integrate the new DDR3-2133 memory controller. Moreover, it is expected that it will have some optimizations in the manufacturing process in order to reduce the power consumption and increase the operating frequency.

It is anticipated that all the above said improvements will be completed soon and AMD will release the 3rd Generation Piledriver based processors by June 2013.

New AMD logos

With the release of next generation APUs and CPUs, AMD is also planning to give out some modern logos and give an air of freshness to its new microprocessors.


Unfortunately no details are revealed about the release date of AMD Temash APU for tablets.

By utilizing a 28nm manufacturing process and an efficient SoC design, the Temash APU is expected to overcome all the shortcomings faced by AMD in its previous generation APUs.

The new lineup of AMD looks impressive and I do expect that the year 2013, will be more favorable for AMD.