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Silverstone is working on new Intel NUC case

Features of Intel NUC computer

Silverstone case for Intel NUC

A few days ago, Intel has introduced new generation of mini-computer, Intel NUC.

The Intel Next Unit of Computing is a tiny desktop computer that features

  1. Ivy Bridge-based Core i3 processor
  2. HD4000 graphics unit
  3. Two SO-DIMM slots
  4. 1600MHz memory support
  5. USB connectivity
  6. Thunderbolt connectivity
  7. Two HDMI outputs
  8. Devoted space to a cooling fan.

Features of SilverStone NUC case

Despite the small size, the Intel NUC dissipates some amount of heat and to control that the heat, it includes a fan in order to maintain the system cool. But the fan generates a small amount of noise, which distracts user, when they use NUC for a home theatre PC.

Silverstone, PC case maker has found a solution for above problem and is working on a new case for Intel NUC, which includes built-in heat sinks.

Intel’s NUC reference design measures 4 inches in height and width and is slightly larger than today’s standards.

The passive cooling system from Silverstone will keep the device from overheating even without including any fans to blow out hot air. However, the case is bit larger than other NUC case, as it accommodates the fins of the heat sink.

But even with such case, the NUC still looks smaller than a typical desktop computer. It is true that NUC computer does not require large space to hold a standard hard disk, because it uses faster standard hard disk that occupies only less space.

SilverStone NUC case price and availability – Not known yet

SilverStone is a company that sells computer components including cases, power supplies, coolers, and fans.

It is notable that the above company is not going to sell a NUC packed inside the new case, instead it will probably sell a standalone case that will fit to NUC computer.

Silverstone’s NUC enclosure is still in the prototype phase and so no information is available on availability or pricing yet.