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Samsung OLED panels – Produced over 300M units

Samsung OLED display production hits 300 million units

Samsung OLED Displays

Samsung Displays have claimed that it has manufactured 300 million Samsung OLED based display panels since  2007.

The interesting thing is that it took four and a half years to reach the production level of 100 million units. But, it took only 11 months for the production next 100 million Samsung OLED displays, and it has got reduced to 7 months for the third 100 million.

Samsung is producing more than 470,000 OLED panels every day or 5.4 OLED panels a second. If these 300 million Samsung OLED panels are stacked onto one another, it will be 68 times more than the height of Mt. Everest.

OLED displays are widely used in smartphones, tablet PCs, digital cameras. Moreover, Samsung Display claimed that it has 98% market share in the OLED panel market.

Features of Samsung OLED Displays

The president and CEO of Samsung Displays, Kinam Kim reported that after 6 years of constant production, they have achieved a monumental milestone in producing 300 million panels.

He has also claimed, “Samsung Display will accelerate its leadership in OLED production by introducing the next generation OLED technology, including large-sized OLED TV panels and flexible displays.”

Samsung’s OLED technology is considered as premium technology for the next generation of displays because of its features like:

  • High colour gamut
  • Production of more vivid and natural image than conventional display technologies
  • Optimized features for future displays including flexible and transparent display technologies