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Ivy Bridge EX will be First x86 CPU from Intel with 15 cores

Ivy Bridge EX – First Intel CPU to use 15 Cores

Intel Xeon processor E7

In recent days there has been more rumours circulating on next generation Ivy Bridge EX processors from Intel. The next new Ivy Bridge-EX will act as immediate successor to current Intel Xeon E7 Series “Westmere-EX” processor, which is available in models with up to 10 cores. It is claimed that new Ivy Bridge-EX will be available in editions with up to 15 cores and now the information finally got confirmed officially.

Intel’s high-end server platform Brickland is supposed to launch 22nm Ivy Bridge-EX processors this year. The Brickland platform would span over three generations of CPUs including Ivy Bridge-EX, Haswell EX and Broadwell-EX. Ivy Bridge-EX is supposed to use highly efficient Tri-gate transistors technology and hence it will be marginally faster than older generations. In order to achieve the above goal, Ivy Bridge-EX is reported to use 15 cores and 30 MB of L3 cache.

Specifications of Ivy Bridge EX and Ivy Bridge EP

Xeons Specifications

The line-up will include Ivy Bridge EX “Xeon E7″ and Ivy Bridge EP “Xeon E5″ models.

  1. Ivy Bridge EX with 10 to 15 cores on the top E7-8800 v2, E7-4800 v2, E7-2800 v2 parts and
  2. Ivy Bridge EP starting from 6 to 10 cores on the Xeon E5-4600 v2 processor family

Like a ten core model developed from an eight-core, Intel is anticipated to pull a 12-core CPU from P15 of the EX model.

The new Intel Xeon E7 processors and E5 Series V2 family will use Hyper Threading technology in order to run processes simultaneously and so it can run 120 threads in parallel. Also both Ivy Bridge EX and Ivy Bridge EP will remain compatible with the C600 chipset. The new EX Processors will support DDR4-2133/2400/3200 and ECC DDR3-1600 configurations along with new Quick Path Interface version, which is upgraded to v1.1.

Intel to launch Sandy Bridge EX processor

Intel- Brickland-EX Grantely-EP

Ivy Bridge EX will use socket R1 in future, and this platform will be updated with future Haswell EX and Broadwell EX microprocessors. It is presumed that these new chips will make their appearance later this year. There are some leaks that suggest that Intel may launch 8-Core Sandy Bridge E “Core i7 3980X processor very soon. If it arrives before Ivy Bridge, then it is more likely that the above Sandy Bridge model will act as first 8 core processor from Intel.