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AMD Kaveri APU will use FM3 Socket but supports FM2

FM3 socket in AMD Kaveri APU

Earlier this year, it was revealed that AMD will launch its fourth generation APU codenamed Kaveri later this year.

It is well known that, AMD Kaveri APU will act as immediate successor of unreleased third generation APU codenamed Richland, which will be based on Steamroller micro-architecture. Also it was claimed that AMD Kaveri and AMD Richland, both will use same socket, FM2.

Reason to use new FM3 socket in AMD Kaveri APU

The latest rumour from Planet 3DNow suggests that Kaveri APU will use new FM3 socket.

However, it is happy to hear that though Kaveri APU will use the new socket FM3, it will be backward compatible with current FM2 socket too.

It is speculated that the change in new socket in AMD Kaveri APU is due to DDR4 memory type included in it.

Indications are that AMD will make transition to PCIe 3.0 and DDR4 in Kaveri APU. AMD is including both the features for first time, while PCIe 3.0 is already been used by Intel in Ivy Bridge. The latest rumours said that Intel is going to support DDR4 in Ivy Bridge EX and Ivy Bridge EP processors.

However it is speculated that Samsung would develop DDR4 server platforms earlier than planned to the market as DDR3 proved to be unprofitable.

AMD Richland APU will be cheaper than Kaveri APU

DRAM manufacturer on its press release have mentioned that Micron is manufacturing DDR4-2400 memory chips since last year. So it is anticipated that Kaveri APU with DDR4 and other features will eventually have more powerful graphics solution, which will require even more bandwidth.

But still speculations are that AMD will use same DDR3 in its Richland APU. However, it will not be a problem as DDR4 will be initially more expensive than DDR3 and so it is expected that cost of AMD Richland will be comparably less.

AMD Kaveri APU with DDR4 will thus have both increased performance as well as increased price, when compared to Richland. However, there is a great hope that Kaveri will still be backward compatible with FM2 socket based motherboards.

Release date of AMD Kaveri APU and Richland APU

It is anticipated that AMD will launch its next generation Kaveri APU within this year. It means that AMD will introduce two APU platforms in 2013 and the first is already confirmed ‘Richland APU’ which is currently being shipped to OEMs and second is 28nm Kaveri APU, which features steamroller core architecture.