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AMD FX-4130 Processor is Launched Officially

AMD quietly introduced its new FX-4130 CPU

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AMD at first has launched its first generation FX-4100 processor based on Zambezi core for a cheaper price and created a great demand among users.

Later, it has replaced the above model with second generation Vishera processors, which was also launched for a decent price. For now, without creating more rumours, AMD has quietly launched its next new FX-4130 processor in OEM products.

One of the great advantages is that the price of the new chip will remain same but with faster clock in both standard and turbo mode.

A cool picture of processor has got revealed, which is highly helpful for judging the difference between new and previous generation processor.

TDP of AMD FX-4130 is higher than AMD FX-4100 processors

When comparing both the processors, it is obvious that the older processor, FX 4100 has a TDP of 95 W, whereas AMD FX-4130 has TDP of 125W. Though it is shocking to hear that the new chip has more TDP than old chip, AMD revealed that the new chip will probably draw less power in idle mode, as it is integrated with more advanced features.

AMD has also claimed that it has offered better quality heat sink in FX-4130 for greater overclocking flexibility. So the truth is that the new chip is simply one generation ahead with exactly same price as older chip.

Specifications of AMD FX-4130 processor

According to KitGuru, the combination of AMD FX processor and high end graphics card have proved to be popular with system builders like Aria, OcUK and MESH.

It is stated that the new AMD FX-4130 carry almost similar specifications as FX-4100 processors. However the main differences between them are:

  1. AMD FX-4130 has Turbo operating frequency of 3.9 GHz, whereas FX-4100 has 3.8GHz clock frequency
  2. AMD FX-4130 has lower L3 cache of 4MB, whereas FX-4100 has L3 cache of 8MB
  3. AMD FX-4130 has higher TDP of 125W, whereas FX-4100 has lower TDP of 95W.

Price of AMD FX-4130 processor

At stock-clock speeds, the new AMD FX-4130 will be less than 10% faster than AMD FX-4100. However it is believed that the new chip will dominate its ancestor in O/C mode.

John Byrne, new Chief Sales Officer of AMD mainly focuses mainly on servers and tries to increase the market share by making improvements to AMD’s standard range. The retail price of AMD FX-4130 is U.S. $ 109.99.