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How To Convert HD 7970 to HD 7970 GHz Edition

With the announcement of new BIOS for HD 7970 GHz Edition, it is possible to convert HD 7970 to HD 7970 GHz Edition graphic card. Only thing you’d do is to upgrade the BIOS of HD 7970 to HD 7970 GHz edition. There are chances that some HD 7970 graphic cards cannot achieve PTWB acceleration Technology, but still they too can take advantage of increase in Core clock and Memory clock, to the level of HD 7970 GHz edition, from which, they deliver an exceptional additional performance.

HD 7970 to HD 7970 GHz edition tutorial

Convert HD 7970 to HD 7970 GHz Edition Graphic card

Now I’m going to instruct you how to convert your HD 7970 to HD 7970 GHz Edition graphic card. Here comes the tutorial.

Instructions to Convert HD 7970 to HD 7970 GHz

  • Step 1: Download the new BIOS and follow the instructions
  • Step 2: Determine whether the conversion of your HD 7970 to HD 7970 GHz edition successfully
  • Step 3: Test the performance of the card

Download the BIOS

  1. Download HD 7970 GHz Edition BIOS EXE file
  2. Once you have downloaded the file, only thing you need to do is to run it as “Run as Administrator”, because both the BIOS and flash program of HD 7970 GHz edition are integrated into the EXE program.
  3. When you Run the EXE file it will warn you, “You are about to update your graphics card’s Video BIOS, this may take several minutes. Please do not restart/reset your system. To continue press OK”. Once you get that message, prepare your computer, so that it doesn’t get reset/restart for the next 5 minutes, as the upgrade won’t take more than 3 minutes.
  4. Then ATIWinflash will start to Run. Wait for some time till it gets finished. Once it gets over, a dialog box will appear providing you with some sort of your graphic card details, such as Old Device ID, New Device ID, etc,.
  5. Then click ‘OK’ to restart your computer.
  6. After Restart, your computer will run “Installing device driver software”. It means your system is re-installing the graphics driver. If you have the driver downloaded from AMD website, well and good, you install the driver software by yourself and restart the system.

From this, you could have guessed that the HD 7970 BIOS update operation is very simple. Price difference between HD 7970 GHz edition ($499) and HD 7970 ($429) graphics card is $70. So if you’re confident in upgrading the HD 7970 BIOS, you may buy a HD 7970 graphics card and convert it to HD 7970 GHz edition graphic card, by following the above steps, thereby you can save $70.

Determine whether the conversion of your HD 7970 to HD 7970 GHz edition successfully

HD 7970 to HD 7970 GHz edition GPU-Z comparison

  1. Download and install GPU-Z.
  2. Open GPU-Z. You can see, the HD 7970′s BIOS version could have changed. Not only that but also the core / memory clocks could have gone to 1050/1500MHz respectively (memory data frequency is 6000MHz). HD 7970 GHz edition, by default, has core clock at 1GHz, but due to PTWB acceleration Technology, the extra 50 MHz comes in core clock (1050 MHz).
  3. Once you run Furmark, the graphics card does not run at 1050 MHz core clock, but runs only at 1000 MHz clock frequency, to protect the core. So at this time PTWB acceleration technology doesn’t start. On running 3DMark 11 or some other games, PTWB acceleration technology comes into action and increases the core clock to 1050 MHz, giving you an extra bit of additional performance.

So, the ordinary HD 7970 graphics card can be converted to HD 7970 GHz edition, by just upgrading the BIOS. With this update, not only the core and memory clocks get higher, but also, it gets PTWB acceleration technology, which exhibits the fact that the increase in performance is not due to the new core (hardware).

Benchmark Performance of the converted HD 7970 GHz card

Since the ordinary version of HD 7970 has been changed to HD 7970 GHz edition, now, we should measure the performance gap between these two cards.

Test Platform
  • Core i5-750 processor overclocked to 4GHz
  • 2 DDR3-1600 2GB memory
  • 500GB HDD
  • Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate SP1
  • Catalyst 12.6 WHQL driver

From the benchmark results, HD 7970 GHz edition (converted) performs 9 % faster than HD 7970 in average, which makes us understand the value of a graphic card’s BIOS. With this level of performance AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz edition card, took back its crown from GTX 680 as the fastest single GPU graphic card.

HD 7970 to HD 7970 GHz edition Benchmark comparison

If you’re able to overclock your ordinary HD 7970 graphic card above 1 GHz core clock frequency and 1.5 GHz memory clock frequency, there is no need for the BIOS upgrade or PTWB acceleration technology, as the performance delivery will be the same.



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