OCZ Launches New Z-Drive R4 and R5 PCIe SSD – CES 2012

OCZ Releases PCI – Express SSDs Up to 16TB Capacity

OCZ Z-Drive R4 and R5 PCIe SSD

OCZ has officially launched two Z drive SSD, Z-Drive R5 and Z-Drive R4 PCIe SSD which are supposed to have leading capacity and performance parameters.

Features of Z-Drive R5 PCIe SSD

  • Bandwidth of up to 16 GB / s
  • High capacities up to 12TB
  • Supports PCI Express 3.0 x16
  • Ideal for all enterprise data types with both compressible and non-compressible files
  • MLC, eMLC, and SLC NAND Flash options
  • Compatible with VMware ESXi and ESX, Linux, Windows Server 2008, and OS X
  • 2.52 million IOPS and 7.2GB/s sequential transfers per card

Features of Z-Drive R4 PCIe SSD

  • 16 SandForce SF-2582 controllers
  • 16TB of NAND on a single, double slot, PCIe card
  • Interface remains PCIe x8 although the connector is physically an x16 interface
  • Organized into two 8-controller sets, each behind an OCZ VCA chip

The Z-Drive R4 CloudServ RM1616 is not as fast as the R5 (6.5GB/s), but it beats it in storage space.