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Asus Shows Notebooks based on Ivy Bridge and Kepler – CES 2012

Asus Prepares Ivy Bridge based Notebooks


Asus is seriously working to update its notebook portfolio with a series of new models based on Intel’s upcoming Ivy Bridge processors which will be paired together with NVidia’s upcoming Kepler GPUs. These new most advanced laptops will be placed in the Asus G-Series. ComputerBase claimed that this is expected to sport an Nvidia GeForce GTX 670M graphics card, which will be the most powerful mobile GPU by Santa Clara graphics chip maker.

Asus Notebooks will include Nvidia GeForce Kepler GPU

During a conference that was held at Trump Towers Hotel in Las Vegas, Asus presented its new notebooks based on future Intel Ivy Bridge paired with graphics cards in the GeForce 600M-series including the 660M.

Ivy Bridge and Kepler to arrive by April 2012

Hsum Jen Huang, Nvidia’s CEO stated that the release date of both Nvidia Kepler and Intel Ivy Bridge will be closer and Asus said that its new notebooks K75, N Series and G Series based on Ivy Bridge and Kepler will be available in April this year.

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