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10 Cores AMD Piledriver CPU comes with Quad Channel Support

AMD Piledriver CPU will be led to Mass Production in Q3 2012

Roadmap of AMD Piledriver cpu, steamroller and excavator

A few months ago we learnt that AMD is working on Piledriver, its new architecture that will replace the current Bulldozer modules. AMD Piledriver CPU will form the CPU part of AMD Trinity processor and Vishera processor. AMD Vishera CPU is the successor of (Zambezi) AMD FX CPUs, whereas Trinity APU is the successor of Llano APU with integrated HD 7000 series GPUs. Just 2 days back we were discussing about the leaked information on Phenom II X8 processors with doubled L1 and L2 cache memories of AMD Bulldozer, now we have the details of AMD PileDriver modules.

Software Optimization Guide revealed by AMD

A few days ago, AMD posted a new technical document, titled Software Optimization Guide for AMD Family 15h Processors. The guide has revealed some useful information about AMD Family 15h, i.e. Bulldozer. The document has clearly described the features of

  • Current Bulldozer model 00h – 0fh (0xh)
  • Future generations model 10h – 1fh (1xh) and 20h – 2fh (2xh)

We believe that microprocessors with 10h and higher model numbers will be based on AMD Piledriver modules.

Features of AMD Piledriver CPU

FeatureModel 0xhModel 1xhModel 2xh
CoreZambezi / Interlagos / ValenciaTrinityVishera / Terramar / Sepang
L3 cacheYesNoneYes
16-bit floating point typeNoYesYes
BMI instructionsNoYesYes
TBM instructionsNoYesYes
Size of L1 data TLB32 entries64 entries64 entries
Max number of cores8410
DDR3 channels224
Depth of FPU load queue404444
HyperTransport Assist featureYesNoYes
IOMMUv1v2Not Known

The features, applicable to both 1xh and 2xh CPUs are

  • Support for 16-bit floating point numbers
  • Support for addition of VCVTPH2PS and VCVTPS2PH instructions to convert “to and from” new 16-bit floating-point type.
  • Support for Bit Manipulation Instructions (BMI)
  • Support for Trailing Bit Manipulation instructions
  • Increased depth of FP load queue
  • Larger size of level 1 data TLB
  • Reduces instruction latency

AMD Piledriver CPU Specs

Characteristics of 1xh model AMD Piledriver CPU

The characteristics of 1xh model microprocessor is expected to match upcoming Trinity core

  • It will have 2 modules or 4 cores
  • It will have no L3 cache like Athlon Processors
  • It will have enhanced IOMMU, or IOMMU v2,
  • It will have improved access of I/O devices to system memory
  • It will support interrupt remapping and filtering

Characteristics of 2xh model Piledriver CPU

  • It will have up to 5 modules, or up to 10 cores
  • It will support quad-channel DDR3 memory