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Intel Cedar Trail, launching the third generation Atom

IntelCedarTrailAtom3 1 Intel Cedar Trail, launching the third generation Atom

32nm Cedar Trail for Netbooks and Nettops

Intel has begun shipping the 3rd generation Atom chips for low cost and size laptops (netbooks) and desktops (nettops). It is made of 32-nm process technology and have great advantages in the subject graph and reducing energy consumption.

Four models will be available in early 2012, under the codename ‘Cedar Trail’

  • Atom N2600, 1.6 GHz Dual Core, 640 MHz GPU, 6.5 Watts TDP
  • Atom N2800, 1.86 GHz Dual-core, 400 MHz GPU, 3.5 watts TDP
  • Atom D2500, 1.8 GHz Dual-core, 400 MHz GPU, 10 Watts TDP
  • Atom N2700, 2.1 GHz Dual Core , 640 MHz GPU, 10 Watts TDP

IntelCedarTrailAtom3 2 Intel Cedar Trail, launching the third generation Atom

Up to 10 Hours Uptime

Except for the Atom D2500, all are capable of running 4 simultaneous threads of processes natively and have 512 KB L2 Cache per core. In addition to increased processing power in general, it also exhibits reduced power consumption by 20 %. According to Intel, one of the highlights of the processor is enabling battery life on netbooks for up to 10 hours.

Graphics and Display Capabilities

The new graphics GMA 3600 and 3650 based on the PowerVR SGX 545 of Imagination Technologies that accompany the new Atom is the most important of the new platform.

IntelCedarTrailAtom3 4 Intel Cedar Trail, launching the third generation Atom

With them, it is estimated that the graphics performance will be in double than the previous generation. They also offer video output support for HDMI, support for the wireless system for transmitting content WiDi (Wireless Display) and other technologies such as PC Sync and Fast Boot.

3rd Generation Atom can Play FullHD flawlessly but supports DirectX 9 only

The 3rd generation Atom processors overcome another major shortcoming of the current generation with a new engine, capable of playing 1080p HD and Blu-ray videos. Although it’s still below the performance of the AMD or NVIDIA chips, they are still limited to support for DirectX 9 only.

Applications of 3rd Gen Atom Processors

While Intel says that the new Atom teams will go to digital signage, healthcare and other low power devices, it is clear that its natural place is in notebook computers (netbooks) and desktops (nettops) or created for home theater PC (HTPC).

Intel IntelCedarTrailAtom3 5 Cedar Trail, launching the third generation Atom

Release Date Info for 3rd Gen Intel Atom Processors

As Intel reports, 3rd Gen Atom processors will available with Acer, Asus, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba products in early 2012. 3rd Gen Atom is intended to recover the pull of these low cost PCs (from $ 199), surpassing the current cannibalization at the hands of tablets and higher-end notebooks. According to the chip giant, there is a large demand for such equipment in emerging markets after the slowdown in Europe and North America.

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