Hybrid Memory Cube is Ready to Compete DDR4 Memory

HMC Memory – Hybrid Memory Cube

DDR4 memories are not born yet,but Samsung and Micron seems to want to put their own memory format with its new Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium, along with Altera, Xilinx and Open Silicon.

hybrid memory cube

Highlights of Hybrid Memory Cube

We will be pushing hard hard over the DDR3 memory for the next few years, in terms of performance and power consumption. When HMC is compared directly with DDR3 memories, HMC will be 15 times faster in terms of performance and 70% lesser power consumption and in addition it occupies 90% less space.

HMC will be used in Servers First

HMC will first be used in the  high performance server market and then it will be delivered to regular PCs, where one HMC memory can replace 10 DDR3 modules. The initial specifications will be published next year, and mass production is expected to begin in 2015.


At that time, HMC will be fighting with the next generation DDR4 memory that many companies are willing to use massively between 2014 and 2015. In contrast to the current DDR3, there are no channels in HMC, but just point-to-point memory controller for each module installed on your computer.

Hybrid Memory Cube Video

Sounds nice and Good, but it is difficult for HMC to become the successor to DDR3. It is possible that after a successful tour of the “larger market” reach,, hopefully with good prices, it may be used by a wide spread enthusiasts.