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AMD Bulldozer FX Processors may get Liquid Cooling from Antec

AMD Bulldozer Release Date Info

As our last post said about AMD Radeon HD 7000 series at Fusion Event 11, this time is the turn of its microprocessors, where there were some demonstrations of computers based on desktop AMD Bulldozer (Zambezi), Interlagos and Valencia for servers. We have already published that AMD Interlagos (Bulldozer based) server CPU has been shipped earlier and AMD Bulldozer FX processors will be released on October 12, 2011. (October 13 in some countries)

Architectural path for the future is clear

AMD’s plan for Fusion APUs

AMD plans to cover all segments of the market such as desktops, laptops, and tablets with its next Fusion APUs and much of his strategy is based on giving full support to the next Windows 8 OS, which has a greater integration with GPU accelerated applications powered by OpenCL, DirectCompute, and C + + Amp. Also Microsoft Windows 8 will come with some new visual effects, also Windows 8 is optimized for Directx 11.1 with the new driver model WDDM 1.2.One of the biggest advantages that Fusion APUs will have is their ability to handle greater amounts of memory up to 4GB.

AMD bulldozer System at Fusion Event 11

As in the picture shown above you may see the system configured with MSI motherboard with 4 GB DDR3 RAM, Kingston 120GB SSD powered by AMD Bulldozer FX 8150, which was showed at Fusion Event 11.

AMD Bulldozer and Interlagos are already in Shipping

Initial Introduction of DDR4 in late 2013

From the above slide it can be known that AMD Bulldozer FX and Interlagos CPUs are already in shipping. So AMD Bulldozer FX CPUs will be launched on October 12 without any further delay. AMD has also added that DDR4 memories will be introduced in late 2013. But Hybrid Memory Cube, HMC is already ready to compete with DDR4, which can perform 15x faster than DDR3.

DDR3 to DDR4 changes

Again Bulldozer is rumored to get Liquid Cooling

In August there were initial indications that the top models of the new AMD Bulldozer FX processors will be delivered with a water cooling system. But earlier we have said that AMD had denied. “At the moment there are no plans to do so”, said by AMD. This is now confirmed by images of such a cooling solution.

Antec Kuhler H 2 O 620 for AMD Bulldozer

As with the special cooling solution for the next “Sandy Bridge-E“ from Intel, AMD relies on a self-contained complete water cooling in the style of similar products from Antec and Corsair. In the retail box of an AMD FX-8xxx with four modules (eight threads), liquid cooling solution from Antec has been found. The cooler may be Antec Kühler H 2 O 620. However, the AMD FX logo has been impinged on the cooler. The single-radiator is equipped with 2 fans.

AMD FX-8xxx with water cooler

But we suspect that from AMD Bulldozer’s recent package image, we have seen, Bulldozer inside a tin casing but here cardboard box have been shown. If this holds true then as shown in the demonstration of Guinness record of AMD Bulldozer, with such a stock liquid cooling Bulldozer can easily be overclocked above 5 GHz. But we may not expect all these for the pre-announced price. To make your PC ready for AMD Bulldozer, that is to obtain the maximum performance from Bulldozer processors there are some requirements, which has been said in AMD’s blog itself.