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Intel Core i7 2700K Price and Specs Unveiled by Biostar

Intel Core i7 2700K Processor

Intel Core i7 2700K Rumors Confirmed

Intel Sandy Bridge Core i7 2700 or 2800 was rumored to appear in upcoming weeks. Those rumors were confirmed by Biostar now. It’s confirmed that Intel is preparing a new Sandy Bridge Core i7 based microprocessor and its official name is Intel Core i7 2700K. So naturally it’s an unlocked version, also it will be the fastest Sandy Bridge processor after its release, although we are not considering Sandy Bridge-E processors here.

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Intel Core i7 2700K details as obtained from Biostar

The rumor has been confirmed only after Intel Core i7 2700K is listed on Biostar motherboards CPU support list for socket LGA 1155. It has 4 cores running at a frequency of 3.5GHz (100MHz more than the current Core i7 2600K) and is capable of running 8 processing threads using the HyperThreading technology.

ModelStrokeTurboCores / ThreadsL3 cacheGraphics UnitTDP
I5-2500K3.30 GHz3.70 GHz4 / 46 MByteHD 3000 Graphics95 Watts
Xeon E3-12303.20 GHz3.60 GHz4 / 88 MByte-80 Watt
Core i7-2600K3.40 GHz3.80 GHz4 / 88 MByteHD 3000 Graphics95 Watts
Core i7-2700K3.50 GHz3.90 GHz4 / 88 MByteHD 3000 Graphics95 Watts

Intel Core i7 2700K Specifications

With Turbo mode enabled Intel Core i7 2700K is able to raise the frequency of one of their cores to 3.9GHz, which increases the performance of mono-thread-intensive tasks, the rest of its features are exactly the same as the current Core i7 2600K processor. Inrel Core i7 2700K comes with an unlocked multiplier, Intel HD 3000 integrated graphics and a 95W TDP.

Intel Core i7 2700K specs from Biostar

Intel Core i7 2700K Price

Official release date or price is not known yet, but it is estimated that the price could be slightly more than the $ 317 of Core i7 2600K’s price. So if Core i7 2700K is priced as what we have expected then Core i7 2600K may be forced to reduce its price by a bit, but which is not confirmed yet.

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