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Sandy Bridge encountered strong blocking

NVIDIA low-end market suffered heavy losses

Although NVIDIA’s second quarter results not yet out, but U.S. investment bank Pacific Crest analyst Michael McConnell issued a statement that the NVIDIA’s second quarter earnings “will not look good” because of its graphics card market in China was atrophied.

Michael McConnell said, according to the information in hand, NVIDIA graphics cards in May from the previous month sales in China fell by 40% to 45%, while the previous decline in less than 15%, which is the most powerful of its decline some low-end entry-level graphics cards. The part of the product subjected to the Intel integrated graphics core Sandy Bridge processor a strong impact, so an unprecedented sales volume dropped significantly. In fact, we can see from AMD 780G/880G other since the birth of the motherboard chipset, integrated graphics performance is not inferior to the low-end entry-level graphics card. Now Intel and AMD processors in its own more powerful integrated graphics core, the low-end market alone significantly more at risk. If Sandy Bridge’s integrated graphics has been the entry-level NVIDIA graphics card to sales to drop, then we can imagine, in the graphics performance of AMD Llano APU stronger after the listing of entry-level alone was likely to be suppressed was suppressed.